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Drive user engagement, retention, and reactivation with highly personalized web push notifications, smart segments, and data-driven user insights.

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Supercharge Your Customer Engagement

  • Drive subscriber growth with personalized messages.

  • Schedule and automate your messages to boost engagement.

  • Resonate with your subscribers' preferences and segments.

  • Turn information into actionable analytics.

push service

Web Push Notifications

Serves as a fast communication route through which businesses can notify offers, and other information to their customer.

web push notifications
custom notifications

Custom Notifications

Create push notifications based on the details, location, behavior, and interests of your subscribers for increased engagements.



Get dynamic ready-to-use templates, start at any time and create designs with editable texts and images and freely define a set of customization rules and restrictions for each design or element of the design.

personalized template

Personalized Template

Design your template with elements such as adding gif or images or use ready-made templates to attract visitors effortlessly and re-engage users.



Enable you to schedule your notifications at the time you want, it will automatically deliver on the given time effortlessly.

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Personalized Notifications

Customize all the notifications you send to the customers to engage with them better and increase your market reach.

personalized notifications
add welcome message

Add Welcome Message

Build a good impression by sending a welcome message to expand brands exposure and make users keep hooked on the website.

custom pop-ups

Custom Pop-ups

Grab your audience's attention and engage them with Custom POP-Ups. It allows the users to access notifications at a more convenient time.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Collect in-depth and useful information about your subscriber and create highly targeted campaigns that your contacts will love to engage with.

add logo and images

Add Logo and Images

Customize your message with relevant media attachments or logos to attain customers' interest and result in more engagements and ROI.

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Drip Campaigns

Create workflows based on customer behavior and other data to automate repetitive processes. It improves customer experience, retains active contacts, and reactivates inactive clients, increasing website visibility.

drip campaigns
campaign planning

Campaign Planning

Arrange and Schedule effective and powerful push notifications to reach customers timely. Send Scheduled and automated messages to customers and prospect customers.

real-time responses

Real-Time Responses

Track various outcomes events or actions resulting from push notifications. This helps to segment results based on the details accumulated by the notification.

automated notifications

Automated Notifications

Send a push notification any time and your subscribers will see it as soon as they come online. Ensures your subscriber receives your message when they return online.



Provide applications with real-time information. It delivers data to other applications as it happens and lets you get data immediately.

visual flows

Visual Flows

Create automated flow campaigns with the help of a visual designer. It can encourage visitors to look into your message or can revisit your site later on.

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Advanced Targeting

Engage clients and prospects by adding targeting user-interest topics. Refine your audience targeting and get fruitful results.

advanced targeting
random device engagement

Random Device Engagement

Control and manage campaign performance or customized messaging for each device type and to reach your target customers.

operating system

Operating System

Direct the notification from the application provider to the application user’s device. It allows push notifications to include text, images, app badges, and sounds.

browser preference

Browser Preference

Include Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. These common web browsers allow you to access and view websites.

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Behavioral Segmentation

Send relevant content to your subscribers based on their actions or attributes. Choose a tool that allows you to segment users based on their interests and categories.

behavioral segmentation
geolocation segmentation

Geolocation Segmentation

Deliver different pieces of information to customers based on their geographic location to create a more onsite experience for each visitor.

starred subscribers

Starred Subscribers

Segment subscribers according to a certain set of behaviors, sources, or other data points can open up opportunities for targeting your subscribers with extremely relevant content.



Eliminate irrelevant audience segments quickly and easily. It is simple to use, understand, and is readily accessible through common data gathering methods.

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Customer Engagement

Use advanced customer engagement features to increase user experience and make your visitors stay on your website. Thus, reducing bounce rate and improving engagement.

customer engagement
re-target and re-engage

Re-target and Re-engage

Re-target subscribers and re-engage them to drive traffic and increase engagement.

multi-device support

Multi-device Support

Send messages on both mobile and desktop browsers at the same time without and creating one message only.

multiple websites & users

Multiple Websites & Users

Add multiple websites and users. Manage from one dashboard.

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Advanced Analytics

Analyze data to find patterns and conclusions. Respond quickly to market trends to gain a competitive advantage, increase revenue and efficiency, and optimize marketing campaigns.

advanced analytics
in-depth analytics

In-Depth Analytics

Get detailed information how your push messages are performing and make changes accordingly.

click through rate

Click Through Rate

Record the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads. This number is the percentage of people who view your ad (impressions) and then actually go on to click the ad.

peak activity

Peak Activity

Identify the time at which the highest numbers of users are on your site. It also indicates what time push notifications are more effective and when engagement seems high.

real-time clicks

Real-Time Clicks

Monitor the changes in the content on your site that is being viewed. It also understands the usage of your website through event tracking.

user statistics

User Statistics

Track user behavior and spot trends. It helps provide useful information on how the website is being used.

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Visual Flows

Create a user journey for your campaign using the nodes in the visual designer. Nodes in the designer have several triggers and actions which will help create unique automated campaigns.

visual flows
set triggers

Set Triggers

Schedule notifications with their triggering conditions in advance so that the operating system can deliver the message at the appropriate time even if the device is in battery saver mode or there is no network connectivity.

set timer

Set Timer

Set your notifications based on time. Let you create time interval-based notifications that will be sent to your subscribers at your specified time.

rest time

Rest Time

Put a campaign to rest and choose whether you want to send the campaign again on your desired day and time.

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Let us gather idea about behavioral segmentaion of users in push marketing and what is the importance of demographic data of users for the same.

What Is Push Marketing?

Push marketing aims to bring what you offer to clients through your marketing. This can be achieved via different mediums, especially social media.

What Are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are messages that pop up on a mobile device. Users do not have to be on the application before receiving push notifications. Also, app publishers can send them at any time.

What Is Behavioral Segmentation in Relation to Push Notifications?

Behavioral segmentation is a technique that divides them into groups based on their activities and preferences.

What Is Push Notification Software?

Engage customers by creating intuitive push messages using visual designer, running drip campaigns, analyzing user behavior data through powerful automation.

What Are Behavioral Triggers?

Behavioral triggers are incredibly helpful and effective at delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Should I Allow Push Notifications?

Push notifications bring in a lot of value to your business and also keep your customers well informed about the happenings of your company, services, products, and new launches.

How Do I Get Push Notifications?

Push notifications enable you to communicate with visitors after they have left your site.

What Does It Mean To Enable Push Notifications?

Push notifications are the short messages that appear as a pop-up on your smartphone screen, desktop browser, or in your device notification center from a mobile app.

What are Push Alerts?

Increase reach, revenue, re-target users with Web Push Notifications on desktop and mobile.

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